Friday, March 26, 2010

Solar Energy & Recycling


I've also been asked to find out more about doing solar energy in American Fork, Utah. What are the potentials for getting incentives (in the form of net metering or direct tax subsidies)? What are some actual opportunities for energy generating on the roof of a small commercial building? What might the associated costs be and would might be the length of return given standard energy prices as well as in a climate of increasing electricity costs. I've also been asked to find out more about opportunities for recycling in American Fork. City council meetings here we come! has a number of solar panel offerings, as seen above!

Some other interesting links:

Wind Turbine

So I've been asked by someone to do some research about installing a wind turbine on in someone's 3/4-acre back yard. They live in Highland, Ut. I need to do some research about what it would take to install this 30-ft, 900 watt wind turbine from a city policy perspective, how much wind is located up there in Highland and how much energy it might generate. This is such a cool idea! Also does the local utility offer any sort of Net Metering.

Much more on this whole subject coming soon. I'm considering researching the net metering and other incentives for renewable energy throughout Utah. I'll keep you all posted!

If anyone has experience doing this kind of thing in utah I would love to know about it.

- Jamund

Thursday, March 25, 2010

I passed the LEED test!

I received a score of 173. The passing score is 170. The total possible is 200. There are 100 questions and while they don't tell you how they're weighted, based on my scores and results it appears to weigh heavily in favor of the energy related questions, probably to do with the USGBC's focus on energy production and carbon emissions.

I will post more later and hopefully you can pass it to!

-- Jamund

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

LEED G.A. Test March 23rd

I can't believe I'm finally going to be taking the LEED Green Associate examination! This is an important opportunity for me especially as I am continuing to pursue Green Sparks IT, my consulting business, which is still being planned out properly. Tips on studying and other things will be posted here as I discover them!

For now point your browser to and start preparing!

XOXO Jamund