Monday, April 05, 2010

Life in General

Well, things have been going pretty well in the Ferguson family. Tonight we had family home evening and we read from Preach My Gospel about Patience and then shared some scriptures about the subject. I was saying that I do not really remember any time in the scriptures where they want you to be anxious about things. (Notable exceptions include Ammon, Jacob and "anxiously engaged", but those seem more like exceptions. The activity, which literally only came to me as we sat down, because it was sitting in front of us after giving up on it yesterday, was untangling and not-ty skein of yard on its way to becoming a ball! Boy, this took us nearly 2 hours, but we did eventually find success. We realize our kids will be amazed at how boring their parents were in their early marriage days. Boring, yes, but happy for sure. The yarn by the way is contributing to a hooded sweater for our Baby!!



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Jane Says said...

hey jamoon! how is the hooded sweater coming along? you have to post a picture of the final product! miss you!! xoxo